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Design your dream kitchen with this impressive software


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KitchenDraw is an excellent tool for design professionals and interior decorators, but could also be interesting for anyone who's recently bought a house or is thinking about renovations.

The program includes a variety of options that let you set up your kitchen space (dimensions, walls, columns, etc.) as well as the furniture that will go in it.

The first thing you have to select is the type and texture of the furniture. Once you find a combination you like, you can begin to add the features you want, all of which are located in a panel on the right side of the screen. There's a wide variety of furniture; from simple cabinets to decorative elements, and even appliances.

Each type of furniture has an even greater number of models, which can also be selected from the panel on the right side of the screen.

Once you find and arrange all the kitchen accessories, you can view the results in different ways: linear and realistic views from different angles, and even photo-realistic perspectives that will give you an excellent idea of what the kitchen of your dreams will look like.